"Sellers have to sell. Sales Managers make Sellers, and CEO create the conditions"

Óscar Torres

Transform your B2B Company to generate better business in a more predictable way.


Trigger the B2B Mindset Change

Talks to help your team reflect on the key drivers to produce predictable revenue.

Sales Transformation Program

B2B Sales Culture

If culture eats strategy for breakfast, you better develop your sales culture top down.

Business Transformation Program

Rethink your B2B Company

B2B sellers have to sell, B2B Sales Managers make sellers, B2B CEOs need to create the conditions for all of them to succeed.

Channel Transformation Program

Scale your Success

Grow in a predictable way with your partners helping them to increase their B2B sales.


Just a B2B Professional

Oscar Torres is the Director of the Executive Education B2B Management Program at ESADE Business School, B2B Sales Management Professor at the EMBA of ESADE and at the Executive MBA in SAIF (Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance), President of the Spanish Association of B2B Sales & Marketing (AEMAVE B2B), as well the Senior Director Worldwide Partner Development at Dassault Systemes, and Founder of JustB2B, a consulting group for B2B Companies.

Torres has developed a deep knowledge on Change Management processes to transform B2B companies for a successful and predictable business.


Here we share views, tips and facts about B2B Business Transformation

B2B: How To Lead Your Company’s Growth Strategy

B2B: How To Lead Your Company’s Growth Strategy

There is a great need for a conceptual framework to help business leaders who sell to other companies: a...
27th Feb 20

CEO in B2B? Rethink your company

You must reorganize your company into a B2B company to generate business in a predictable way.
14th Dic 19
5 key ideas I learned from my mentor in B2B Selling

5 key ideas I learned from my mentor in B2B Selling

I was lucky enough to have the right boss at the right time. From him I learned many things,...
26th Sep 19
2019/1/364 - "Simple but Difficult"

2019/1/364 – «Simple but Difficult»

A year has 365 days, 1 to think about your Strategy ... and 364 to execute it. Simple but...
23rd Abr 19

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